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Mobile Crane Inspector

Mobile Crane Inspector (MCI-A/J)

This five day course is intended for those who work around mobile cranes, but lack the experience necessary to inspect. It is also intended for those who currently perform inspections, but lack the education and testing necessary to be considered competent and qualified as defined by federal regulations. This course will enable companies to perform their own in-house inspections. We ensure all inspectors understand the federal requirements and teach proper methods for inspecting and documenting monthly, periodic and annual inspections. There are two (2) award qualifications for this program:

Apprentice (Trainee): Has no inspection experience. Shall be considered a trainee as stated in ANSI/ASME B30.5-3.1.1(a)(4) and B30.5-3.1.2(d); therefore while inspecting a crane, the trainee must be under the direct supervision of a designated, qualified inspector. Journeyman: Has a minimum of two years inspecting experience and meets ANSI/ASME B30.5-3.1.1(a)(4) and B30.5-3.1.2(d), but lacks the education and testing necessary to be designated as a qualified inspector.

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