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Signalperson and Rigger Training

Mobile Crane Signalperson & Basic Rigger Qualification (MCSP & MCR-B)

This 2 to 3-day program was developed and designed to instruct those who require training on how to safely perform load lifting and rigging procedures by knowing how to to properly inspect, select, and use slings and rigging hardware.  The program also teaches proper methods of communicating with mobile and tower crane operators.

The Signalperson portion of the course covers:

  • Responsibilities of a Signalperson
  • Basic Crane Operations and Limitations
  • Site Considerations and Safety Hazards
  • Mobile and Tower Crane Hand and Voice Communication

The Rigging portion of the course covers:

  • Rigger Responsibilities
  • Rigging Hardware and Sling Inspection and Use
  • Sling Hitches and Load Control
  • Understanding Sling Angles
  • Knot Tying and Taglines

Our program is offered as a combined course, but can be separated out and taken individually as needed.  Safety Resources also customizes the program for employers based on their specific rigging hardware and sling usage.

In accordance with current regulations, both a written and performance evaluations are administered for both Signalperson and Rigger.  Upon successful completion of all testing; Safety Resources Unlimited will issue a  qualification card valid for 3-years, and come with photo id and expiration date.

This course is a great preparatory class for those wishing to take their credentials one step further by obtaining the NCCCO Signalperson and Rigger Level I Certification exams.  By adding a day to the length of the program, arrangements can be made for the NCCCO exams to be administered.  Upon successful completion of both NCCCO written and practical exams, a NCCCO certification card will be issued by NCCCO for a term of 5-years.  (See our NCCCCO Signalperson and Rigger Level 1 page process and CCO fees).