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NCCCO Crane Certification


Safety Resources Unlimited, Inc. is fully accredited by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO) to administer both written and practical exams leading to Certification by NCCCO.

This three day course is intended for experienced Mobile Crane Operators only.  It should be considered an advanced training program and is designed to prepare candidates to take the certification exams offered by the National Commission for the Certification.  During the prep training, candidates will receive instruction on the four domains they will be tested on (site, operation, technical knowledge and load capacity charts).

We will arrange for an NCCCO representative to administer the written exams.  After candidates have completed their written exams, Safety Resources will begin conducting the practical exams.  All practical exams will be administered by our NCCCO accredited practical examiner.  Practical exams can also be scheduled on demand for all three NCCCO categories by contacting our Training Coordinator to set up a date and time.

NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Certification Overview
NCCCO written and practical exam information, fees and eligibility requirements can be found at http://www.nccco.org


Do I have to take the prep class?  No, candidates can register for the written exam administration only.  We charge a $100.00 sitting fee, plus the applicable CCO written application fees.  Practical exams can be administered by appointment (see our service page for NCCCO practical exam).

If I miss the written application deadline, can I still register for the course?  Yes, as long as there are still seats available.  However, NCCCO will charge a late fee of $50.00 with applications received within 2-weeks of the course.

Am I guaranteed to pass my written exams if I take your prep course?  We cannot guarantee a passing score, but we can guarantee our instructors are dedicated to providing each candidate with all the necessary tools and information to be successful on all exams.  We are, in fact, so confident; Safety Resources Unlimited has a policy that if a candidate fails a particular written exam, that candidate can return to Safety Resources to revisit the class at no charge.  The candidate only needs to pay the sitting fee of $100.00 plus the applicable CCO written application fee.

When will I receive my certification card?  Upon successfully completion of both the written and practical exams for a particular crane designation, NCCCO will then mail candidate’s certification card and notification letter directly to the candidate’s home address, typically within 4 to 6 weeks from the date of the last passed exam. 

What is the Re-certification process?  NCCCO Operator certification is valid for a 5-year term.  We highly recommend beginning the re-certification process at least 6-months before the expiration date.  To re-certify, the candidate will be required to take a condensed version of the original NCCCO written exams; both core and applicable specialty exam(s).  Typically, the candidate will not be required to take a practical exam; unless the candidate does not have the required 1000 hrs of crane-related experience.

Note:  Safety Resources also provides crane training and NCCCO certification for Articulating Crane (Knucklebooms).  Contact our office for more information, including pricing and availability.