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Mobile Crane Operator Training Qualification (MCO)

This five day course is intended for those who work around mobile cranes, but lack the experience necessary to operate; or for those who currently lack the education and testing necessary to be considered competent and qualified as defined by federal regulations.

This course consists of classroom lecture and valuable hands-on training.

Course Topics Covered:

  • Operator Responsibilities
  • Crane Components and Terminology
  • Lifting Principles
  • Crane and Job-Site Safety Precautions
  • Proper Site Preparations and Crane Set-up
  • Interpreting Load Charts
  • And much more

Program Qualification Award Descriptions:
Certificate of Attendance:  If written exam and/or performance evaluation scores are not satisfactory students will require remedial training and a qualification award will not be issued.

Operator-in-Training:  Successfully passed written exams and performance evaluation; however, due to lack of experience will only be allowed to operate a crane as an “operator-in-training”. While the operator-in-training is operating a crane, he/she must be continuously monitored by a qualified person designated by the employer.

Qualified Operator:  Successfully passed written exams and performance evaluations. Has a minimum of two years operating experience. This qualification must be mutually agreed upon by both Safety Resources Unlimited, Inc. and the employer and written authorization from the employer is required before a “Qualified Operator” card can be issued.

Lattice Boom Crane Operator
This five day course is identical to our Mobile Crane Operator Qualification course in depth and topics covered, however it is specifically designed for those who want to operate lattice boom cranes.

Our MCO program is a great introductory course for students wishing to complete their training credentials by taking the “NCCCO Mobile Crane Operator Certification Prep” course.  Those successfully passing the prep course will obtain the National accredited NCCCO Operator Certification.

Note:  Safety Resources also provides crane training for Articulating Crane (Knucklebooms).  Contact our office for more information, including pricing and availability.